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For over thirty years, Chef Sherry Pocknett has served award-winning cuisine based in her Wampanoag tribe food traditions. We are raising money to turn Chef Sherry’s beautiful 3.5-acre property, positioned on Indian Town Brook to its east (freshwater) and Poquetanuck Bay to its west (brackish water), into a cultural center and living history site.  The Wampanoag were the first people to meet the Pilgrims, and their fall harvest foods are on our tables every Thanksgiving. Yet there is so much more to their story. 

Sly Fox Den will not only be a place to enjoy the full range of Native American cuisine, beyond the turkey and cranberry sauce, but it will be a place of learning natural and sustainable foodways. The site will have sustainable vegetable, fruit and herb gardens, and a traditional oyster farm. It will be free and open to the public with Native American living history interpreters to educate visitors on Eastern Woodlands tribal culture, history, and food traditions.

Over 60% of all the foods eaten in the world today — from potatoes to squash, peppers and tomatoes, fiddlehead ferns, maple syrup and much more—originated here in the Americas. Visitors will learn the methods of farming, gardening, and fishing that made this land the food basket to the world. These traditions are more important today than they ever were — to bring balance back to the earth, and ensure food sovereignty.

Help Chef Sherry make this cultural center, traditional gardens, and oyster farm a reality. Please give to Sly Fox Den!

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