Our Mission

Sly Fox Den is not just a restaurant and bar, but a cultural center that educates the public on Indigenous foodways, culture, and history.

At Sly Fox Den Restaurant & Bar, we specialize in the food that has always been here, and the traditional techniques in farming, hunting, fishing, and cooking that make that food possible.

1. Seasonal foods

At Sly Fox Den we embrace the bounty of each season. Every Thanksgiving, all Americans experience fall harvest flavors in the foods that our Wampanoag people brought to the new settlers in our land. In the same manner, Sly Fox Den will bring the flavor of each season to our diners. 

In the Wampanoag tradition, we celebrate the new year in spring, when all things become new again — the fish come back from the north, the birds come back from the south, the flowers and berries bud again, and the first greens that come to us are wild ramps & fiddlehead ferns.  

The Creator brings Indigenous fare with every full moon, something new is always on its way.

2. Food is medicine

Americans are often distanced from natural food traditions, and it takes a toll on our health. At Sly Fox Den, Chef Sherry chooses only the finest ingredients, and our kitchen uses traditional, Slow Food methods, that preserve their nutritional integrity. Our meals are carefully curated with sustainably raised, hunted, and fished meats and seafood, alongside fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, much of which is cultivated in our very own gardens. 

Native medicine is not just about the body but the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Let Sly Fox Den be your home away from home, where culture, love, and joy meet at your table. A meal at Sly Fox Den is good medicine.

3. Indigenous Fare

(foods that have always been here; our original crops)

Did you know that about 60% of the foods we eat worldwide originated here in the Americas? When the settlers first arrived here there were over 70 varieties of corn, hundreds of types of potatoes and beans, as well as avocados, bananas, and many other foods that Europeans had never seen.  Indigenous peoples were some of the most innovative and progressive farmers in the world.  

Sly Fox Den is not just a restaurant, but a cultural center focused on the traditional cultivation of indigenous foods. We specialize in the foods that have always been here, and the traditions that make use of those foods.  

Our Three Sisters are corn, squash, and beans. Thousands of years ago our people learned to grow the three together. The corn stalk gave the beans a tall structure to grow on, beans replenished the soil with vital nutrients that corn depletes, and squash spread along the ground, blocking sunlight preventing weed growth, while their leaves lock moisture into the soil. We have many other techniques that prevent the need for harmful pesticides and toxic chemical fertilizers.

At Sly Fox Den Restaurant & Bar, we believe that a return to indigenous fare and foodways is a return to our best selves: best for our bodies, our communities, and our mother earth.

More than a Restaurant: Sly Fox Den  Museum and Oyster Farm

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  • Maple:
    Maple: Maple, sassafras, and honey are Three Sisters that are popular on our East Coast.
  • Sassafras leaves:
    Sassafras leaves: Sassafras is generally used for teas. Traditional root beer was made from sassafras roots and bark.
  • Honey:
    Honey: Maple, sassafras, and honey are Three Sisters that are popular on our East Coast.

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